Patent attorneys who are expert in intellectual property rights in general practice of patents, utility models, designs and trademarks will wellcome you.


(1) Patent prosecution in the Japan Patent Office (JPO)
Preparing and filing of Japanese patent applications (including both utility patent applications and utility model applications) originating in Japan, preparing and filing of Japanese patent applications based on a priority of patent applications first filed outside of Japan including translation of foreign language applications into Japanese, complete representation of patent applicants before the JPO, preparing and filing amendments, conducting interviews with examiners at the JPO.
(2) Design
Preparation of design drawings and filing of design applications, representing applicants before the JPO, responding to official actions, conducting interviews with examiners.
(3) Trademark and service mark registration
Preparing and filing applications for trademark registration, responding to official action, conducting interviews with examiners.
(4) Patent prosecution outside Japan
Preparing and filing patent applications outside of Japan based on a priority of Japanese patent applications, handling all correspondence between the applicant and the foreign associate representing the applicant in the overseas patent office.
(5) Transactions with the JPO
Submitting prior art documents to the JPO, recording inter-company transfers of rights at the PTO, recordation of 200 at the JPO.
(6) Expert Opinions
Preparing patentability, validity, and infringement opinions.
(7) Other services
Patentability searches in Japan and in foreign countries concerning utility patent, design, and trademark applications. Advising on global IP strategy. Assistance in setting up patent departments within corporations. Licensing negotiations. Preparation of court documents. Appeal to the Final Rejection, Trial for Invalidation, Trial for Correction, Trial for Revocation of TM Registration. Appeals against Appeal/Trial Board Decisions before the JPO (Examples: Digital Oscilloscope, Blue Light Emitting Devices, Computer Software, Pharmaceuticals, Polymer Materials). Drafting/Reviewing Contract Agreements: Patent/Utility Model, Trademark/Service Mark, Design, Copyright, Software.